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Susenji Mofa

Mofa is a detox product and a non-sweetened orange flavoured drink for gentle detox in 8-10 hours. If you feel constantly bloated, have constipation issues or simply want to cleanse your body system, this is for you! Mofa is an supplementary diet.


Susenji Gold

Body massage/slimming gel that comes with a medical grade steel rollerball massage head and helps with detoxification, reduce water retention and promote metabolism for effective weight loss.


Susenji Nana

With NANA's antioxidant properties, it encourages skin's natural regeneration process. This helps the body repair damaged skin cells that cause wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, rough and dull skin.


Seegreen Fullerene Protein Fluorescent Mask

Firming and rejuvenating: The microcapsules are activated and promote the absorption of nutrients into the inner layers of the skin to rejuvenate lifting and tightening, achieving rapid lifting of the cheek for a small V-shaped face.

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